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Primary Objective of the Seminar is to provide an international forum for disemination of information and scientific results relating to education, research and development activity. It is a tradition for all participans of the seminar to present paper(s) which are published in the Proceedings.

Major topics:
 ๐ electronic components and packaging (SMD, uBGA, CSP, FC);
 ๐ electronic and optoelectronic modules manufacturing (SMT/PCB/ MCM);
 ๐ printing wiring board - materials, processing, process simulation and application;
 ๐ electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity analysis; electrostatic discharge;
 ๐ reliability of new packaging concepts interconnection technology;
 ๐ optical investigation; in circuit-test systems;
 ๐ sensor technologies and measurement systems;
 ๐ power management in electronic modules;
 ๐ embedded systems;
 ๐ thermal management, reliability and life time prediction;
 ๐ quality management: Q- assurance, Q- control, Q- inspection;CAE - CAD - CAM for electronic packages and modules; modeling and simulation;
 ๐ design for environment and environmentally conscious manufacturing; clean technologies;
 ๐ concurrent engineering and project management on electronic packages;
 ๐ networking and Internet education;

Seminar fee: 150 EURO Fee includes plenary and panel sessions attendance, conference materials, accommodation for 3 nights, full day board, coffee breaks and social event.

Abstract Submission deadline: July 2, 2007
The abstract shall be half page of text (200 - 250 words), using no smaller than 12-point type font. Authors will be notified of acceptance decision by July 30, 2007.
They will receive manuscript format and layout instructions for paper submission.

Papers will be due by August 27, 2007.

Please use E-mail to siitme2007@ubm.ro for any correspondence, submission of abstract and paper

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