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Electronic and Computer Engineering Department was formed in 2007 through the reorganization of the Department of Electrical Engineering.
The courses taught by members of the department are aimed at students enrolled in following specializations: Applied Electronics, Computers, Electromechanics, Power System, and other specializations within the Faculty of Engineering.
The area covered by the Electronic and Computer Engineering Department includes subjects in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications as well as in Computer and Information Technology, Automation such as digital electronics, operating systems, digital integrated circuits, Object Oriented Programming, electronic devices, artificial intelligence, intelligent sensors and networks of sensors, CAD Systems, PLC programmable, etc.

The Department of Electronics and Computers coordinates the Applied Electronics and Computers majors, ensures the improvement of education plans, their compatibility with the education in the European Community, coordinates scientific research activity of teachers and students, ensures practice, propose and coordinates licence projects for students specializing in Applied Electronics and Computers.


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