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Organized by “Intelligent Embedded Systems” research group from Faculty of Engineering, North University of Baia Mare in the framework of a national research project entitled:

„National and international partnership development in the field of Embedded Systems, with the aim of organizing scientific meetings and drafting projects cooperatively in the EU framework program” - CEEX - M3 PASED - no.: 253/01.08.2006


The Summer School will offer to young researchers the opportunity to participate in courses held by invited professors with remarkable activity in the field and to interact with specialist in the filed in a series of practical applications.
The objective of the Summer School on Embedded Systems Design and Applications (ESDA'07) is to provide a forum for PhD students and early-career researchers in embedded systems design to learn up-to-date research from masters and to foster their own research network.


The ESDA’07 Summer School is aimed at graduate students, PhD students working or wanting to work in the fields of design, modelling, validation and performance analysis of embedded systems as well as engineers from industry with some practical background in design and testing of embedded systems. No specific knowledge is required to understand the course, since all new concepts are explained and illustrated with concrete examples.


A special student presentation session is scheduled for Thursday and Friday afternoon. Students are invited to send a short abstract (about 200 words) describing their (PhD) project and to make a poster (in A3 format). At the ESDA’07 Meeting, the participation will be possible based on preliminary registration and with a recommendation.
Students’ contributions containing original results, not previously published, will be selected and included in the ESDA’07 Summer School Proceedings, along with the invited papers.

Application Information

Who should apply?
PhD students and early-career researchers with backgrounds and/or current activities related with the announced theme areas should apply for participation. Applicants should have academic and/or professional backgrounds in disciplines relevant to the summer school's themes. Fields of study appropriate for applicants include, but are not limited to: hardware design for embedded systems, SoC (system on a chip), low-power hardware, embedded system design methodology, middleware, formal methods, real-time scheduling.


The trip to beautiful Maramures County offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments in embedded systems.


We strongly encourage the participants to discuss their research with other people and exchange the ideas. We hope that the party on Friday 21 September will provide a platform for fruitful discussions and give birth to many interesting collaborations.  


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