ESDA 2010 - May 06-08 Baia Mare






Visiting Baia Mare

Baia Mare Municipality , the residence of Maramures County is an important urban center from the North-West part of the country.
It is situated in the West part of the county, in Baia Mare depression, on the middle course of Sasar River, at an altitude of 228m from the level of the sea.

In the North is bordered by Ignis Mountains, in the South Recea and Grosi, in the East the town Baia Sprie, and in the West Tautii Magherausi commune.

Because of its advantageous geographical position Baia Mare sums up the attributes of a road and train junction creating a convergence point for the surrounding towns: Baia Sprie, Recea, Tautii Magherausi.

Through its present values Baia Mare Municipality is an important urban center from this part of the country having a dynamic development. To the traditional economic activities are added other new ones which have to be integrated to this economic area.

The cultural component is very important and the education from Baia Mare is widely appreciated in our country.

Efforts are being made to transform this town into an attractive point for tourists and business men, because it is advantaged by its geographical position, by the many resorts and also by the extraordinary people that live here .

Speaking about the town's architecture, the buildings from the old part of the town are completed by the modern ones, with specific local elements. The commercial part of the town is highlighted, it sums up the headquarters of banks and firms and the biggest stores in town.

Through the testimony of time and the day by day turmoil, Baia Mare reveals itself today as being in full growth from the social-economical point of view which wants to consolidate its position revealing to the world that the tradition and modernism can manife
st themselves in a perfect symbiosis.

Some attractions which welcome you in our beautiful city are:

Rocks from Musem of Mineralogy

The Museum of Popular Art and Folklore

Stefan’s Tower

            Butchers' Tower

           The Old Center of the Town