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     Oniga Stefan .
Title Assoc. Prof. Eng., PhD
Rank Head of Department
Group Intelligent Embedded Systems
Phone 0362-401265 int. 234
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PhD in Electronic engineering and telecommunications - 2005 - Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, with the thesis: " Sensory system used to recognize the hand gestures using neural networks implemented in FPGA".

          Fields of intrest

  • Implementing neural networks in FPGA programmable devices
  • Adaptive embedded systems
  • Intelligent sensors and adaptive interfaces based on neural networks
  • The intelligent home
  • Applications using programmable logic devices


  • Digital circuits
  • The architecture of CPU based systems
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Computer aided design
  • Embedded systems


  • Digital circuits
  • Computer aided design


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