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CEEX - M3 PASED - contract no.: 253/01.08.2006

Development of national and international partnerships, in the field of Dedicated Systems, with the purpose of organizing scientific events and preparing common projects in the frame program 7 of the EU..

Duration 24 months: 01.08.2006-31.07.2008
Value 200.000 RON


» Oniga Stefan                   Project Director
» Tisan Alin                        Scientific director
» Gavrincea Ciprian         
» Buchman Attila
» Erdei Zoltan
» Costea Cristian
» Lung Claudiu
» Vida-Ratiu Andrei
» Mic Daniel

  • Contributions regarding the study, the synthesis and the implementation of certain applications using systems with intelligent sensors. Electronic Nose.

CNCSIS Contract No. 602/2007, code TD-277
Value 28333 RON
Project Director: Tisan Alin.

  • Research regarding the implementation of a neural network used to process signals generated by the muscular and nervous system.

CNCSIS Contract No. 171/02.10.2007, TD-11
Value 28333 RON
Project Director: Gavrincea Ciprian

  • CNCSIS Contract No. 639/2005 entitled "Integrated environment for assisted movement of the visually challenged people".

Project Director: Professor Engineer Virgil Tiponut, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication, Timisoara Polytechnic University.
Duration 2005-2007.
Value 90.000 RON.
Members of the research team:

» Oniga Stefan
» Gavrincea Ciprian

  • A type CNCSIS grant, code 707, contract no 33343/2004 Development of certain translation modules of linear electromecanic actuator type, with application in flexible manufacturing systems and eco-technology. Duration 2004-2006 Director Nasiu Vasile

  • 13 research contracts with SC Electronics Engineering SA, an ASIC and FPGA integrated circuits design and research company, regarding the design on miscellaneous microcontroller nucleus, communication protocols, interface modules, etc.

  • Grant 5310-XUP-26482-4 from 14.04.2004, and respectively the additional contract 5310-XUP-48209 -10 from 10.03.2006, with Xilinx Inc. from USA. "The development of a research infrastructure in the field of design with logical programmable circuits".

Project Director: Stefan ONIGA
Duration 2004-2006.
Value 20.000 $.

  • Grant XUP-7017-8-4 from 28.03.2001, and respectively the additional contract 2511-XUP-19570 -10 from 24.03.2003, with Xilinx Inc. from USA. "Equipping a research laboratory in the field of design with programmable logical circuits".

Project Director: Stefan ONIGA
Duration 2001-2003.
Value 35.540 $.

  • TEMPUS Program S_JEP 12531-97. Title: "Euro Standards in Information Technology Curricula- ESITEC". Duration 1997-2001.

  • TEMPUS Program S_JEP 11005-96. Title: "Three Colleges of Applied Informatics Establishment at Timisoara, Sibiu and Baia-Mare". Duration 1996-1999.

  • Major Program World Bank - CNFIS no. 45.139 From 18.12.2000 with the title "Applied informatics" in value of 125.000 USD. Duration 2000-2002.


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